Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hotel Glass Art in Chicago

At the end of June, one of my work friends and I were sent to Chicago for training.

I just like these photos, even if it was from a trip last month. This is the Hyatt Regency Hotel near O'Hare International Airport. This was the most exhausting, stressful trip I think I've ever taken. I'm not a good airline flyer - so it's really something if I can say the flight was nearly the best part of the whole trip! The absolute best part was just getting home again - without getting air sick.

 This is the restaurant and bar - zoomed in.

Here it is again - zoomed out. I like the use of surprise areas of orange.

Like this orange glass light fixture. You will notice I found several glass things in the hotel.

And this interesting decorative item. It was kind of huge.

What do you think about these glass stairs? Are they from a nightmare, or what? Yes. We walked up and down them. We used the adjacent escalators only when we needed to transport luggage to the meeting room on our last day there after checking out in the morning.

When we didn't take the stairs, we took the elevator - the glass elevator.

At night, the bottom of the elevator lights up. Kind of tacky, but true. Here's a shot of the bottom of the elevator - turquoise and pink. POV from the restaurant.

Here's another shot of the bottom of the same elevator, same POV, just a few seconds later - showing the change in color of the bottom of the elevator. Now pink and yellow.

And those flying orbs? They were above our heads at the restaurant.

I wish I'd taken a photo of my food from the restaurant the one night we were permitted to buy our own meal for dinner. It was called "The American Grill," operated by East Indians. They understood exactly what I meant when I told them I didn't eat animal protein. The waiter allowed me to purchase a half order (children's portion) of some kind of whole wheat pasta with Italian green beans, no cheese, and side orders of sauteed spinach, steamed broccoli and grilled asparagus. It was really yummy. My travel buddy, Linda, and I shared and filled up on the veggies. The waiter didn't think we could finish it.  It was a LOT of food (for $33+!), but we managed to eat all of it except for about three little pieces of broccoli.

In case you were wondering, here is a view from under the glass stairs.

And here is a bank of light fixtures from the meeting rooms downstairs.

There were some other glass art pieces that I didn't take photos of - like a bank of images on a wall that looked like etched glass photos, but they were black images on colored glass. I wish they'd had artist info about some of the pieces in the hotel. There was also a lovely mosaic tile inset wall with a bench seat - in colors of orange, red, gold... iridescent. Very pretty. Possibly some other things that I missed.

But I'll leave you with this last photo - a view of a lot of things all at once from under the flying orbs in the restaurant.

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