Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We're on a road trip and I'm not going to tell you where we're going yet - until we get there.  Then you will be very SURPRISED when I show you photos of what we're doing!  :-)

We were supposed to start early this morning, but got started later then we planned.  However we are still about half way to where we're going to go ... and should be there tomorrow.

It was actually a pretty nice day.  It was warm, but AC in the car was kind of chilly (for me, at least).  The sky was filled with tons of "fluffy" clouds, to not get technical with their official names which I can't even remember right now at the motel.

Originally, I halfway expected that I'd be documenting our rest area and rest rooms stops, we figured we'd be stopping a lot between the two of us.  I am drinking a lot of water because a supplement I'm taking requires a lot of water.  And Phil has OMB (old man bladder), which he'd readily admit.  But you and I should both be relieved that we actually found some pretty cool things to take pictures of on this first leg of our trip so I don't have to bore you with bathroom photos.

This is the first rest area we visited.  Wyoming.  They all pretty much look alike, so here ya go.  A token photo of a rest area.  It was pretty "breezy" ... but that's typical for Wyoming.

Unlike the first moon landing, these flags were actually flapping in the "breeze".  No wires.  No mirrors.  This is for real.

And this is the last rest area we visited.  This one in Utah - between the Great Salt Lake and on the way to the Salt Flats.  Note the warning sign on the left:  "Watch for Snakes and Scorpions."  Okay!!!!!  We didn't stay long at this rest area!

The afternoon was wearing on, anyway, and we wanted to get into Nevada before night fall... the sun would begin to set soon.

The drive was interesting, but could have easily become monotonous.  Warning signs on the side of the road for drowsy drivers to pull over.  You know... I've been south on I-15 through Utah and it's pretty much monotonous that way, as well as going east-west.  You'd think that as long as they know they have a problem with drowsy drivers because of the long monotonous driving conditions, they'd build a few shopping malls here and there somewhere or something!  Build 'em and "they" will come!  And a couple of car lots or something to break up the monotony!

So, the GPS pretty much tells it all.  White everywhere on both sides of the road.  Here's a shot of the left side of the road.

And here's a shot of the right side of the road.  Pretty, though, because the sun was beginning to set behind the mountains.  That definitely made it less monotonous for me.

So, here's another shot of the sun setting... but it took me a number of shots before I realized (remembered) that the colors I was actually shooting were not the colors I was seeing through my sunglasses.  So, I decided to see if I could get a shot through my lenses so you could see what I was seeing.

More impressive, huh?  :-)  Don't see as many of the window spots, either!

Things I didn't get photos of:  (1)  the couple who either were getting married on the salt flats, or were just out there all dressed up to have their pictures taken; and (2) the turnoff to the Bonneville Speedway.  But by then it was getting pretty dark.
We pulled into Nevada and got a motel, then took a walk up the street.  I don't remember when it was that I realized that I could take a video of my feet when we were walking.  So.... Why not?

And a few lights on the motel that we walked by that had a LOT of colors on the signs... 

So, are you sick from the movement of the camera yet?  You can always watch it again, you know!  :-)

And I thought this was interesting... You can actually win a PETERBILT at a casino?????  Now that just doesn't even seem right.  I'm thinking that the odds of doing that is probably pretty similar to playing the lottery.

Well... As long as this is a gambling town, let's see how it goes tomorrow when we try out the $2.99 Ham and Eggs breakfast.  I'll let you know!


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