Friday, July 29, 2011

Road Trip Part III: Getting our Bearings - and FOOD!

Is it still called a "road trip" if you're staying in one place for a few days?

Today we could have driven another 4 hours out and 4 back to go to the International Garlic Festival in Gilroy, CA.  But we decided to stay put in Paradise to see what we could see here.

It seems like such a long day, we did so much.  Or, at least it seems like we did so much.  We actually just got an early start - with breakfast at the diner across the street that was out of baked potatoes last night.

No cross walks.  No corners.  Speed limit is supposed to be 35 mph, but everyone around here drives much faster.  We stood in the middle of the road while we waited for some cars to go by, as they weren't stopping at all for us.  The more I thought about it today, though, the more I believe that the policeman who finally stopped to let us cross the street and then sped off - actually, he gunned it after we got across - was not chasing other cars down because they didn't stop for us.  I think he was irritated that because he was a public safety person he had to stop to let us cross, but he wasn't happy about it.

At any rate, we finally got breakfast.  Phil got the sampler special for under $4!

I got some kind of omelette thing and, by the time I made substitutions, it wasn't what was on the menu.  But I do that a lot.  I see things that I like on the menu that aren't already put together as a "unit," and I ask what comes close to what I want that is on the menu.  Then they adjust it for me.  So, this is what I got - but you can tell I didn't think about taking a photo before I started eating.  I think I was kind of hungry.

As we were leaving the restaurant - where we'd been sitting outdoors in the lovely mild weather (at the time), we happened upon this crazy sight in the parking (barking?) lot:
You know, this just isn't something you see every day.  And if you DO see it, what are the odds that you're going to have your camera with you????  It was just too cute for words.  If these are the guys speeding around town, I need to find out how they're even reaching the pedals!  Probably explains why no one stopped for us to get across the street except for the policeman!

The rest of the day was pretty much a blur after breakfast.  We did a lot of walking - in the heat.  We found out where we need to be tomorrow, and we found a few thrift shops that I got to look in, but they were small and it didn't take too long to look.  There are a lot of antique shops around here, too.  I suspect that the antique shops sell things that I'd be looking for in thrift shops.  But, we have a full schedule here for the next two days, so I'm sure I won't be getting to look in any more stores because everything closes down at 5 p.m. and we won't be done until it's too late.

This was kind of unique:  

A vacuum cleaner carved out of a tree trunk... at Ron's Vac and Sew.

And here's something else for Roadside America:

A muffler car!  No wheels?  Interesting...

A nap after our walk.  Lunch at The Black Bear Diner.  A nap after lunch.  It was so hot outside.  Upper 90's.  Too hot to go to the pool.  Played with Junior over in the hotel lobby.  Forgot to take my camera to get his photo.  Went to dinner so that Phil could get all-you-can-eat prime rib... and now he has food coma.

What a difference a day makes.


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