Monday, August 15, 2011

Argentina Bound!

So, what do these two creatures have in common?



Tonight we went to the church BBQ.  I looked up and saw a TON of turkey vultures swirling around in the sky.  Something like this:

But, I didn't take this photo.  Nonetheless, there were a LOT of turkey vultures up in the sky tonight.  Someone told me that a university professor had told them the vultures are migrating to Argentina now.

That picture at the top of the post (of the vulture, not of Andy) is what they look like up close.  In flight - if you can see them close enough, this is what they look like:

You can tell it's a turkey vulture if it has the white feathers at the bottom of the wings.  It's pretty difficult most of the time to see their faces.  Once when I was doing field work in Colorado, there were two turkey vultures sitting on a fence post.  That was the first time I'd ever seen how really ugly their faces are.  Personally, I'm kind of glad that we don't get to see their faces all that often.  

It's kind of cool, though, to think that these guys are going all the way to Argentina, though.

Andy had to buy a plane ticket to get there, and will be leaving in about a month.  We're all wondering if they're going to be arriving there at the same time. 

Here are some photos I took tonight - trying to at least capture a whole bird in the camera lens... really hoping maybe to get several in the photo at the same time, maybe one would swoop down a little closer, but they were so busy flying into and out of the sky above us.  Possibly hoping to get something good off the grill.

 And here's the dessert that I made - a Red Grape Pie.  I used a recipe for a Ground Cherry Pie; but, since we don't get ground cherries here in Laramie, I tried subbing grapes. 

Phil enjoyed it immensely and went back for more.  I think maybe two or three times.  A different kind of vulture.  I think he was taking advantage of the fact that probably most people didn't realize the desserts were all in the house and not outside on the table with the rest of the side dishes.

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