Thursday, August 11, 2011

Right Place - Right Time

This is SO COOL!  I carry my camera around with me just for these moments.  But I can't believe that not only did I have my camera with me, but I was also able to be in a spot where I could see the dial on the camera to turn it to the video position to take the photo!

Do you know what wind turbines look like?  Here's a photo of some in Arlington, Wyoming...

Just about any day that you drive on the interstate or around the truck stop where I was at this time today, you see parts of these wind turbines being hauled to wherever they are going to be hooked up to turn wind energy into electricity.  

Once on the way to church, we saw a truck with a blade making a turn onto the road in front of us getting ready to head back onto the interstate.  It was amazing watching the truck make the turn because the blades on these things are humongous.  I'll have to look up the length.  It is looooooooooooonnnnnnnng.  Here's a link for a place to start in case you want to know more about wind turbines  WIND TURBINE INFO ON WIKIPEDIA

One website I found said the world's largest wind turbine has a "wing span," you might say, of over 400 feet (that is the diameter of all the blades installed on the tower part).  That is pretty huge.  I'm guessing that the ones we see here where we are probably are not quite that BIG; but they're big. 

Anyway,  today I got to be in the right place at the right time to take a photo (quickly because it just happened as I was pulling up to a red traffic light).  

Then while I was sitting there at the light - as if we could go anywhere, anyway, because the truck and blade took up all four lanes of traffic and the shoulders - I was able to video it!  (Maybe I should have turned the radio down - but enjoy the "music" portion of it or turn your volume down or off.  :-) Watch when the truck just completes the turn to get on the on-ramp.  The length of the blade is longer than the width of the road.  This is so cool! 

So, this made my day today and the day isn't even over yet!  The other exciting news is that Phil is finally finishing installation of the remainder of the storm door that he began a few weeks ago. :-)

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