Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Road Trip Part V: Metalworking - DAY TWO!!! Phil's project!!!

This was the second - and last - day of our metalworking class.  I'd come up with a couple of other designs the night before, so got to work putting those together while Phil and Debbie were welding.

Debbie finished her design from Day One:  A piece to use for her garden in Reno.

Phil kept working on his only design.  I got better photos on Day Two to show you the process.

Mitch helped Phil set things up, then Phil did the welding (I think he did most of it, but Mitch probably did some). 

We think this may have been the photo of when Phil welded his piece to the steel work table.

Here's a photo of some of Phil's welds.  I think he needed to sand down some of the blobby welds in the bottom of the photo.

Here is where Phil welded one of his clips to hold the glass in the stand.

And here is where he was lining up the welding torch to weld more parts of the stand.

Here Phil and Mitch hold up Phil's project with the glass in it to see if it will hold OK.  The base of the stand isn't on it in this photo, but I'll show you a photo of that later.

So that this post isn't too long, I'm going to show you my welding experience next!

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