Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Cat Dragged in an Almost 6-Foot Burrito!!!!!

Today we celebrated Cinco de Mayo for our Sunday lunch with several young men from the local technical school - and one young woman from the university.  Adam and Josh had the challenge of creating a burrito and warming it up in our 24-inch oven!  Amazing!  And they did it!  They've been creating 3-foot burritos for a long time, so everyone was geared up for this thrilling feat.  We were ready!  I'd even found some genuine Fiestaware plates with matching napkins at a thrift shop, so what an unexpected treat to use them for this special holiday!

This is how Adam and Josh accomplished this culinary experiment:

First, assemble tortillas on your goal-length of aluminum foil.  Our goal was 6 feet, so we had a little bit longer length of foil.  "Glue" tortillas together with refried beans.

Next, pile on some rice...

Then some meat...

Then some cheese...

Look in the lower right hand corner of the photo.  That's Adam's kitchen knife!  He brought it with him.

Ready to roll?  This part is tricky... it takes two guys to do it!

Top with some more cheese, pull up the edges of the foil to make a "blanket" around the burrito, top with some jalapenos, and pop that baby into the oven.

Oh.  Did I happen to mention that they did this THREE times?  They used both ovens.  This is when we learned the Mexican motto from Adam:  "Don't Worry.  We can make it fit."

Meanwhile, all the sous chefs were busy making guacamole, cutting melon and pineapple and cleaning dishes...

 Emma saved melon rinds for her horse.  Cody made a great guacamole and cut up three pineapples - very yummy!

Then, when all the cheese on the burrito was melted, the jalapenos warmed (as if they needed more heat!),  it was almost time for everyone to arrive.  Adam and Josh removed all three sections of the burrito and joined them together on the foil on the island. 

Once joined, the burrito was topped with lettuce, tomato, some black bean-corn salsa... and in some places Cholula hot sauce and/or habanero sauce... and sour cream.

We found a meter stick to measure... the burrito ended up being about 4 feet long, but what it lacked in length for the 6 feet, it made up for in width.  It was about 9 inches wide!

Don't think from the photo that Josh (left) and Adam (right) were disappointed.  This was just training for them.  When they get back to the ranch later this year, they're going to attempt an 8-foot burrito!  We'd like to see that!

So... how do you eat a 4-foot burrito?  One bite at a time, of course!  Some folks just attempted more bites than others. 

Terry filled up his entire 9"x9" Fiestaware plate.  He took a section from the "spicy" end, without rice... but with extra jalapenos, habanero sauce and Cholula.

This is Emma's plate... Her slice is so small, its kind of hard to tell what section she has - with rice or without, but I think it's the "mild" end.

And here is what the table looked like with everyone enjoying the burrito. 

You wouldn't think anyone would want dessert after that kind of meal... but the Triple Ginger Bars (see the Betty Crocker website) served with vanilla bean ice cream topped with Rhuberry Sauce (strawberry-rhubarb) seemed to cool down burning lips from all those jalapenos and hot sauces.

And this is all that remained of the burrito by the time a lot of the guys packed up some leftovers to take home...

One plateful for Jacob who had to work when everyone else was here, but stopped by after work to pick up what was left.

And next Sunday we'll do this all over again - but with lasagna!  :-)  You're not going to want to miss those photos!

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