Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Winter is NOT over!

See?  I told you.  Winter is NOT over here yet.  Sunday... gorgeous weather.  Even Monday was pretty nice.  Tuesday?  SNOW!!!!!  Wednesday?????  MORE SNOW!!!!  The interstate was closed at least once each day.

The birds were in quite a frenzy to get food.  I kind of scared a bunch as I went to the door to take a photo.  Caught a lot of them in flight.

They all eventually came back, though.

Gosh, it was just a couple of days before that all creatures were enjoying such beautiful weather.  Thought you might want to see some yellow heads (yellow-headed black birds).  They're here in the photo with some red wings (red-winged black birds).

And here's one of our little robin friends enjoying some grapes. 

I think the robins are just counting the days until they might be able to find a worm or two - probably not in our yard because the soil is so bad.  But they like the grapes at our house.  Or maybe they're just counting the days until cherry season.  They really like cherries - not that they grow where we live, but we share from our fruit bowl.

Just yesterday I saw the white pelicans flying overhead, too.  The birds keep coming back to town, but the demise of winter is yet to be seen, I think. 

Today - May 17th (the MARVELOUS, MOMENTOUS, LOTUS PILE MOVEMENT DAY, as I am writing this)... we are getting rain.  Snowpack in the mountains for this date is 175% of normal.  The river (our house is on the 2nd river terrace) has been swelling and is nearly going out of its banks.  It has already flooded, and consequently closed, a portion of the greenbelt. 

I wonder if we have time to plant any cottonwoods before we get any more flooding.  

If you missed my blog from a few years ago when our yard flooded and the homeowners association had to borrow a huge pump from the city to drain our yard and our neighbor's, go to this link to see the post-tornado snow and flood, ducks swimming in our front yard, and a complete documentary of what happened.  Start with this link and then check out the next few posts following it.


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