Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I've been really, really busy over the past week or so and have new blogs in the works to post; but this one really needs to be posted right away.  It is MONUMENTAL! 

 Wow!  Who knew?  Today turned out to be an AMAZING Day!  Today Should Be Declared a NATIONAL HOLIDAY!!!!!!!  Not only did that guy eat 25,000 Big Macs, but CHECK THIS OUT!

Here is the list I created back on August 15, 2005 ...updated on April 10, 2006... The Lotus Pile wasn't the #1 item on the list - it appeared on page 2.

Phil had been moving his Lotus parts around in boxes and piles since he crashed it in 1969.  He finally bought a fiberglass body for it about 4-5 years ago.  The body has been in "my" garage since then - being used as our "recycling center".  I'll get a photo of it for you later.  Maybe I'll even add that to my list to get it moved to "Phil's" garage!

But, you can see that by April 14, 2008, I was getting a "little" frustrated with that pile sitting outside the garage.  I should have taken a photo of it - maybe I have one somewhere. 

But, today - because we are FINALLY getting the holes in the driveway graded this Thursday (never made it to the list because I hadn't updated it in awhile, but believe me... I did quite a bit of "persistent suggesting" about it), THE LOTUS PILE WAS MOVED!  TO THE GARAGE!!!

Phil recruited the help of two of our Tech student friends (Whitney and Cody) to get it all moved.  (They actually came over to help Phil move the hay bales from around our trees since we keep hoping that winter is over, but it started to rain so they decided to move the Pile.)  Now if he is ever going to want to use his garage again, he is going to have a lot of stuff to move out of the way!  The Tech students would LOVE to help Phil rebuild the Lotus, though.  Everyone is standing around the kitchen looking at Lotus manuals and such... dreaming about putting the car back together again.

But, hey... they also found our WYOMING WIND CHIME!  One of these days, maybe we'll get it installed somewhere.  Phil suggested hanging gas cylinders from the ends of the chain.  I'm eager to see/hear that!

Only three dead mice were found under the Lotus Pile.  I really thought they were going to find rabbits because they've lived in the Lotus Pile for so many years.  In fact, we used to see rabbits running under the Lotus Pile, so we'd throw our carrot scraps out there to feed them.  I wonder where the rabbits will go next...

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