Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First Grilling of the Year - May 8th!

 I'm really behind on blogging; but as you will see by later posts, I've been kind of busy this week.

May 8th.  We should have expected it.  The university graduation is always the Saturday before Mother's Day.  On Mother's Day, Sunday, all the boats and grills come out of storage and go into use for the season - not that it means winter is over, by any means.  But, everyone is typically hopeful.

Sunday, May 8th.  We actually got to grill on our deck!

Skippy and the guys enjoyed the sun on the deck, while I was busy in the kitchen getting all the last minute things done.

 Left to Right:  Adam, Jacob, Cody, Josh, Phil, Will... Terry, Emma and her mom arrived later.


Skippy the 3-Legged Beagle.  Soaking up the sun.  He loves the outdoors so much.  Hates to come in when the weather is so nice outside.  Even better if something is on the grill.  You never know when there is going to be some kind of fallout and someone - or somedog - has to clean up the deck under the grill.  Or taste test.  You never know... you just never know.  

A puppy needs to be on the alert at all times!  If you asked him, I'm sure he'd say, "I'm going to just stay here and look like I'm sleeping; but I'm going to keep my eyes open just enough to catch a glimpse of anything that lands suddenly on the deck under the grill.  And, if I hear, 'Oops' suddenly at any moment, I will be able to quickly leap to the call of duty to rescue that poor little piece of chicken!  I'll save the day.  I'll be a hero!"

Cody showed us the real reason for wearing a chef's apron when grilling.  Works great for carrying a load of corn out to the grill.  

I only have aprons with cupcakes on them.  Cody must have chosen the one with the pink bow on it because, as long as he had to wear one with cupcakes on it, he would go for all it was worth.

For dessert (start with dessert first!) I made a variation of those really great cookie bars using a cake mix.  This time I tried a butter pecan cake mix, added pecans and chocolate chips.  I think they were a bigger hit than the lemon bars... and certainly bigger than the ginger bars, though I think Phil liked all of them pretty much.

Marge loves 'em all, especially with ice cream.  She is a very patient "waiter," too.  It took a while for us to coordinate all the food, but eventually we got to eat.  It was mainly just great to enjoy such fabulous weather... for a change.

Cody did a lot of the grilling, with the help of Jacob on seasonings and prepping food for the grill.  We had chicken... corn soaked in butter and seasonings (I think it was a secret "sauce"... I just kept handing spices from the cupboard, and then when the guys realized where all the spices were kept, they just helped themselves to whatever they could find)...

And zucchini... and also a number of salads that were way more than we needed.

It was all really great.  Great food, great friends, great fun.  Great friends.

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