Saturday, June 4, 2011

$110 Hair Stripe

I got my hair colored on Wednesday.  Issues. I looked like a skunk. I lived through Thursday at work with the Youth Pastor calling me Corella DeVille.   

There was no way I wanted to go to church on Sunday, sit in the front row - where we always sit so Marge can see and hear better - and have everyone in all the rows behind us looking at my hair looking like a skunk with all the black and white demarcation back there.

Friday there was a 45-minute window I could have gotten it "fixed" if I went back to where I got the color done - which is where I usually get my hair done.  I didn't know it was only a 45-minute window until the gal called me to let me know time was up.  I was busy trying to get my art show application submitted, so thought I'd go when I got that together.

Today, being desperate, I tried lightening the dark spots at home.  The color didn't budge the darkness.  So, while I was at WalMart, I went into the "salon" there to see if they could "fix" it.  I waited about 1-1/2 hours (shopped while I was waiting during an hour of it) to get it "fixed".  The goal was to blend things in so that the distinct black (which were supposed to have been brown in the first place) would be blended into the blonde.

The gal who did my hair had a difficult time getting the color to change.  The sides came out fine.  I kind of wondered why she didn't show me the back of my hair - thought maybe because it was a "cheap salon" that they didn't have mirrors or something.  After all, getting your hair DRYED was an OPTION.

I'm glad now that I didn't stop anywhere else to finish shopping.  This is my now, total cost, $110 HAIR STRIPE! 

A scarf doesn't even work.

Phil thinks a black magic marker is the answer.  I just do not know what to do...

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  1. Hi Cat!
    Out here in CA thats IN! Actually mine's a lot like that now, just a bit longer :} Didn't you see that girl on Dancing With The Stars? Thats how her hair was. xoxo