Friday, September 23, 2011

Strawberry Stuffed Cupcakes

Well, this isn't the first batch of strawberry stuffed cupcakes I've made; but every time I try something new, I always think it's my new favorite.

My first batch was last week - for Marge's 93rd birthday.

White cupcakes.  Strawberry stuffed inside.  Strawberry icing.  Pink melted/molded candy flower on top (which I made, too).

Tonight's batch ( I don't know why I always make cupcakes at 10:00 p.m.)...

Yellow cupcakes.  Strawberry stuffed.  Chocolate Cream Cheese icing.  A sprinkle of mini chocolate chips.

This is how I did it...  I cut out a small "cup" shaped piece from the top of each cupcake.

Then I took a fairly firm strawberry, pushed it into the cut out "cup", and twisted it so that it would go down farther into the cut out.

Some of the strawberries were rather large, so when I stuck them down into the cupcake, the cupcake split; but icing covered that up well.

Here are a bunch of the cupcakes ready to be iced.  

You can see that some of the strawberries went farther into the cupcakes than others; but, really, that is because the strawberries were taller than the cupcakes were deep.

The little "caps" are placed on top of the strawberries so that you don't have to eat them all.  :-)

With the strawberries sticking out a little bit, and with their little caps on, the icing on the cupcakes takes on sort of a "cone" shape.

I used my brand new 1A tip to pipe the icing on these cupcakes.  I LOVE the new tip!

You need to sprinkle your decorations onto the icing as soon as you pipe it so that the decor sticks.

I think the mini chocolate chips kind of detract from the swirled icing, but I needed to try something new for a change.

So, we cut one in half again for you to see the inside.
And then I had to get Phil to eat the evidence.

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