Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Fox that Turned into a Raccoon

Boy!  What a surprise we had tonight!  Skippy "treed" a raccoon on our deck light!

At first we thought that the "fox" that has been stealing the fruit from the picnic table (that we put out for the house finches - and robins in the summer) was really this raccoon after all.  But, no... Both of us remembered that we HAVE seen the fox out there on the deck getting the fruit from the picnic table.  But this raccoon idea... this is something new.  

Skippy is such a good dog!  We had to bring him inside so that the raccoon might be able to get down and get away... but Skippy is looking at it through the deck door and isn't even barking or scratching at the door.  Gosh, he's such a good dog.  It isn't even 3 o'clock in the morning yet!  :-)

Too bad I didn't get a video of the raccoon getting down... I just missed getting my camera in time.  We were checking to see if he was still there - and he was, but just so you'll know... He somehow maneuvered down, wrapped his legs around the light pole and climbed down, running away down Skippy's handicapped dog ramp.

I wonder if he'll ever come back... there are still some plums on the table that we put out there today...

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