Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some Cool Things We Saw Today

1.  Rocky with Pink Ears

Please don't think he is fat!  He has lost 10 lbs. since last fall!  He is DOWN TO 21-1/2 lbs!  He is due to get shaved very soon, as the weather has warmed up a lot - quickly.  This was just a cool sight of him today because the light was shining through the raspberry colored lamp in the living room onto his ears.

2.  House Finch-Pecked Cherry

This was kind of tricky to shoot, but I think you can see it in this photo.  The finches pecked out all the fruit from around the cherry pit, leaving the pit inside the skin of the cherry.  Just something kind of cool.  We haven't seen the robins lately.  There must be too many worms for them in all the flood waters or something.

3.  Berries in a Bowl

I just like this heart-shaped bowl, but never thought I'd use it after Valentine's Day.  I kind of like the berries in it.  It was a little bit hard to get the berries out to serve them, but we just needed something fun on the table.

4.  Fox Scat

I don't know.  What do you think?  Doesn't it look like there are grapes in it from our deck?  There is a den of foxes along this road in our neighborhood.  I tried taking photos of the foxes sitting on top of the dirt mound at the den.  Without my glasses, it was tricky to shoot a photo.  I'll see if one turned out and put it here, if I got a good one.

5.  Baby Foxes

These two little babies fortunately didn't run away when I was taking photos.  Hey!  I actually GOT a photo out of 3 tries without my glasses!  I had moved up to the fence of the horse corral where the momma fox built the den this year.  There are apparently three babies and a momma that Phil has seen when driving by.

6.  River Flooding in the Commons Area of Our Neighborhood

Skippy and I went for a walk this morning to see whether the river was filling up our commons area.  I thought I'd document it to see what kinds of changes there might be from day to day.  Since temps were pretty high today (almost 80 - that is high for where we live, especially this early in the year), some snow melt was expected to add to the depth of the river.  We definitely got some more water in the commons.  The commons is usually dry - people can walk their dogs down along the river bank when it isn't flooding.  Pronghorn and deer usually hang out in the commons.

I have two videos to show you - the first one is close to the end of our street.  It's a little bit jerky in places in this one because Skippy was pulling me.  We'd just started our walk, so he was pretty eager to get going.

The water that you can see in the distance - if you look really hard because I'm just using a tiny little digital camera - is where the river flooded the ranch on the south side of the river.  You may be able to see a very large "industrial" type building in the background.  That's the cement plant.  Most of the other buildings that are way more obvious are homes in the neighborhood. Just keep some of the landmarks in mind so that when I show you more pictures, you can compare the amounts of water in case we get some more.  Temps are supposed to be high (about 80) tomorrow, too, with possible thunderstorms in the afternoon.  You just never know what you're gonna get. 

The next video is farther down the "main" street in our neighborhood - actually, a little bit closer to where the foxes live.  You can REALLY hear the peepers in this one!  The water is closer to the road, too.  We'd need enough runoff from the mountains - and/or some more rain - to fill the commons to a depth of more than about four feet more before it would spill over onto the road.  If it gets that high, I'll try to take photos!  But that is a lot of water...

The sudden jerk in the middle of this video is when a mosquito got onto my head and I needed to get it off there!  When you see Skippy's tail, you'll know it's the end.  :-)

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