Saturday, June 25, 2011


Yesterday was graduation day for the students at the Tech school here!  We had the opportunity to host four of the graduates and their families for lunch before graduation.  It was great!  We had quite a house-full, and lots of food.  We really enjoyed meeting the families of the young men who we fed on Sundays!

One of the moms - who stayed with us a few nights (and was almost shocked to see how much weight her son gained, probably from eating at least 9 sq. inches of a 6-foot burrito!) - took photos of Laramie on her cell phone as she flew in to the airport.  Thought I'd show you pics of the river flooding from a different vantage point!

Here is her photo of the approach over Laramie.  It sort of looks like a tornado from the air for some reason, but I think that is because there is a lot of water around from the flooding.

For those of you who might have flown into our airport on one of the little airplanes from Denver, you probably are familiar with the "turbulence effect" of that little airplane!  Such was the flight in on Thursday afternoon, she said.

Here is a photo of the lower elevation approach into the airport...

You can just begin to see some of the flooding; but they must have circled around another time before landing, because she was able to get a photo of the cement plant, too, from lower elevation...

What's "funny" is that she really didn't know what she was taking pictures of - just shooting random shots of things she found interesting.  She didn't even know that our neighborhood was in the landing pattern for the airport.  The next photos you'll see are somewhat "amazing" because they are shots of the same areas that I took pictures of - and tried to get on my blog, but for some reason they weren't uploading.  I'll try to get them on again so you can see these areas from the vantage point of the road.

Here's a closer shot of the airplane's approach into our neighborhood...

Can you see where the roads come to sort of a "point" just left of the center in the photo?  The brown house just to the right of the drainage ditch, just to the right of center and down a tiny bit, is our house!  There are two white spots (houses) to the left of our house... ours sort of looks like a patch up dirt instead of house, but that is because it's brown.  Phil was outside looking at the plane coming in for a landing.  Maybe if you could zoom in on the photo, you could see Phil!  :-)  

Anyway, she was so surprised to find out that she got a shot of our house from the air!  It was her son who noticed it and first sent the photo to Phil's phone to see it.  Then I begged to have her send the photos to me so I could show all of you!

And this is truly more amazing... here is a shot of the house that belongs to our friends from church, just on the south side of the river.  It is completely surrounded by water!  You can't see the house up close well at all, but it (and their barns) is the little dots of buildings in the photo sort of right of center and up a little bit. The road to our neighborhood is in the top left corner of the photo...

And this photo is a closer view from the road at the end of our street where Skippy and I stopped to take photos of the flooding from our aspect...

The first bend in the road just above center on the left is where most of the peepers are.  The next one or two roads south of that is the end of our street, I think... I'm still trying to figure it out.  I'm looking for the drainage from our road into the commons area, where the frog blender dumped frogs from the flooding a few years ago when we had the tornado in town.  It's hard to see now because of the flooding.

Today the river is at 5.3 feet, which is 0.3 feet above flood stage.  I heard something that they expect the river to be flooded for at least well into July, there is still so much snow to melt up in the mountains.

The mosquitoes are already very terrible, even though they've sprayed the river area by air at least two times that I know of.  Today I am going to try to find some acceptably-scented mosquito repellent to wear.  It is awful outside.  We finally have some good weather that would make it nice to be outside, but there are just too many mosquitoes.


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